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The Uniquely You “NON” Diet

A Root Cause Approach to Your Ideal Weight

Struggling with weight challenges at any stage in life can be overwhelming and leave most people feeling defeated and helpless to change.

The good news is GLO Antiaging is now proudly offering a proven, effective, customizable, and medically supervised NON diet and nutrition program for your unique weight loss challenges.

Because we believe that for everyone who struggles with their weight, there is a unique and customized approach to success.

This is not just another weight loss program!

“If only I could shed these extra pounds and feel better”

“If only I knew why I don’t have the energy to exercise”

“Diets just don’t work for me”

Within each of us is a unique ideal weight that allows us to truly feel, look, and perform at our best; because feeling confident in our body and getting adequate nutrition is the pinnacle in “self-care.”

Our program focuses on effectively uncovering the “root cause” that’s holding you back, so we can understand the true reason “why” you’re struggling to reach your ideal weight.

Conditions possibly affecting weight-management and preventing you from achieving your ideal weight can be a combination of factors including, genetics, unbalanced gut health, insulin resistance, menopause or other hormone imbalances, environmental stressors, psychological stressors, and lifestyle choices.

Why is “The Root Cause Approach” different?

  • Personalized, nonjudgmental, and integrated medical support from our expert medical director who specializes in functional medicine and weight loss.
  • comprehensive review and assessment at the start of your program. We order and review detailed blood lab panels to accurately assess and investigate your current health, including biomarkers of your metabolic health and hormone levels.
  • We design and plan a detailed nutrition program to address your personal needs, including flexible recipes and daily food plans that are easy to understand and follow.
  • Prescription support, supplements, and specialized testing when needed.
  • Progress tracking during private follow up appointments.
  • Access to appointments on your own time and schedule.
  • Monitored blood sugar levels, so you will not feel hungry or deprived.
  • Together, we work to find solutions that are sustainable and enjoyable for you.
  • Everything is fully customized to your personal needs, preferences, and challenges.
  • We do not support extreme dieting.

The Uniquely You “NON” Diet | $799.00 -$899    

“The Root Cause Approach, to Your Ideal Weight”

Program Includes: 

  • 3.5 hours of private consultation with Kathy Tissington, NP, MN.
  • Your choice of either a weight loss Supplement Kick Start Kit or 3 metabolism booster shots.
  • In-person appointments available in Calgary; virtual appointments available to both Alberta and British Columbia residents.

First Appointment: 75-minute private consultation (in-person or virtual)


  • Private scheduled appointments with the clinical director, and functional medicine and weight loss specialist, Kathy Tissington NP, MN.
  • Comprehensive, targeted health review and assessment including blood panels.
  • Prescriptions and/or custom testing requisitions as needed. *
  • Custom nutrition program planning and personal goal setting.
  • Fully personalized curriculum materials provided including a personal workbook, “Getting Started” recipe / nutrition guide, meal planning guide, insulin resistant education, tracking tools, and gut health education.
  • Strategic plan and personal weight loss goal setting.
  • Your choice between a mini supplement kit or 3 metabolism booster shots.
  • Targeted and customized strategies for success.

$899 plan in person in Calgary includes 2 InBody Body Composition Anyalysis

*Additional testing available for a fee including food sensitivity, SIBO, extensive non-Alberta Health hormone panels, and/or amino acid levels. Should medications be recommended the patient is responsible for the cost of medications and should check with their extended health plan for coverage availability.

Two Progress Follow up Appointments: 30-minutes each (in-person or virtual)


  • Vitals taken and weight loss reviewed.
  • Prescriptions adjusted as needed.
  • Modifications and adjustments made to personal nutrition plans as needed.
  • Additional testing and bloodwork requisitions as required.
  • Progress charted and discussed.
  • Weigh in charted and discussed.
  • Personal support and coaching provided.

How to start: We offer a complementary 10-minute phone screening with our medical director, Kathy Tissington NP, MN, to assess your suitability for the Uniquely You “Non” Diet program. If you are a good candidate for the program, you will be asked to complete a full and detailed medical history before your first appointment.

To learn more about the Uniquely You “Non” Diet approach, contact GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar in Calgary at 403-455-0444, or GLO Antiaging Youth Lab in Kelowna at 778-484-9999.

This program is now available both in-person and virtually in Alberta and British Columbia! Contact GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar in Calgary for additional details.

Additional Functional Medicine Services (fees may apply):

  • Prescription support if required (cost of Rx not included).
  • B12 metabolism boosting injections available as needed ($59.00 per injection as needed).
  • Gut health testing.
  • Non-Alberta Health extensive hormone testing and HRT programs when required.
  • Specialized nutrition and food sensitivity testing.
  • Amino acid assessment.