UltraShape Body Contouring

Reduce Stubborn Fat Cells Without Downtime

Abdomen Special  - UltraShape Abdomen Special- Purchase a package of 3 UltraShape Abdomen treatments and receive 3 free Venus Legacy Abdomen Treatments and 3 Lymphatic Drainage treatments savings of $975.

GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar is proud to offer UltraShape® to men and women throughout the Calgary area, the non invasive treatment utilizes ultrasonic energy to reduce excess fat. UltraShape targets diet and exercise resistant fat cells within the most commonly complained about areas —the abdomen, thighs (“saddle bags”) and flanks (“love handles")— and reduces circumference by an average of 4 cm per patient. And with no bruising, swelling or downtime, you can get back to your life immediately following treatment! *

The Science Behind the Slimming - UltraShape Uses Ultrasound Technology to Improve Your Shape 

The UltraShape treatment is meant to help average to overweight men and women improve their body shape and contour. It works by emitting acoustic waves of focused ultrasound energy that converge into a confined focal point to selectively target subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth and break down the fat cells. Most patients complete a three to five treatment regimen to achieve maximum benefits and may feel a slight to moderate tingling or warming sensation during treatment. Usually, no discomfort is experienced at all.*

UltraShape is Your No-Downtime Body Shaping Solution.  

Because UltraShape targets only fat cells, the surrounding blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue are left unharmed. The UltraShape fat reduction treatment is non-invasive—this means no incisions, cannulas, injections or needles. There is also no anesthesia or sedation required. As with all medical procedures, the results you experience may vary.

An UltraShape procedure takes just 45 minutes to an hour, without the downtime that can accompany surgery. To maximize client outcome we may recommend a combination treatment with our Venus Legacy.*  GLO also offers coolsculpting to freeze away the unwanted fat. Please see that page for more information.

With UltraShape treatments, you may see noticeable results in just several weeks from your first treatment, although a minimum of three treatments every two weeks are typically recommended for measurable changes. Since fat cells are broken down and flushed out naturally by the body, no follow-up maintenance treatments are typically required if weight is maintained.*

UltraShape Targets Problem Areas That Diet and Exercise Can’t Reach.

UltraShape is ideal for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30. Once the contents of the broken-down fat cells are cleared from your body, the results are expected to last, especially if you exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Nearly 94% of patients surveyed reported that they were satisfied with their UltraShape results.*

Let our experienced team customize an UltraShape treatment program to help you meet your goals. Call GLO Antiaging Treatment Bar today at 403-455-0444.

*Results May Vary.

UltraShape Body Contouring Clinical Results

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